48 Hour Pirates of Penzance 2015

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The Pirates of Penzance was the 8th 48 hour show performed by the society. It was performed in Vanbrugh Dining Hall on 15th November 2015, in support of Facial Palsy UK.




Artistic Director
Annabel Gipp

Musical Director
Alex Davison


Major-General Stanley – Tom Bruggenwirth
The Pirate King – George Pugh
Samuel – Rob Carpenter
Frederic – Sam Blackman-Gibson
Sergeant of Police – Chris Oates
Mabel – Alice Rathbone
Edith – Jenny Jones
Kate – Chloe Reynolds
Isabel – Eleanor Dunsdon
Gladys - Adrian Horan
Daughter - Claire Smith
Ruth – Maria Munir

Chorus of Policemen
Andrew Hurst
Stuart Roberts
Azam Caesar
Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen

Pirate Crew
Miriam Gibson
Hannah Scregg
Jenny Cooper
Megan Havers
Lydia Worrall
Morven Hamilton
Katie Onyett
Charlotte Gower
Jessie Clark
Emily Blackman-Gibson


Climbing over rocky mountain
When the foeman bears his steel
When a felon's not engaged
Act II Finale

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