48 Hour Pirates of Penzance 2010

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The Pirates of Penzance was the 3rd 48 hour show performed by the society. It was performed in Heslington Church on 5th December 2010.



Artistic Director
Hannah Tomlin

Musical Director
Toby Foster

Koki Imada


Frederic - Dan Stanford
The Pirate King - J Mark Pim
Samuel - Stijn Hanson
Major-General Stanley - Stuart Roberts
Sergeant of Police - Peter Estdale
Mabel - Liz Chadwick
Edith - Helena Culliney
Kate - Sian Lomax
Isabel - Lois Cross
Ruth - Lauren Charlton-Mathews

Chris Charlton
James Knowles
James Gaughan
James E. Butterworth
Michael Houston
Thomas Newby
Thomas Nichol
Cecily Blench
Esme Wise
Victoria Stewart

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