48 Hour HMS Pinafore 2017

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HMS Pinafore was the 9th 48 hour show performed by the society. It was performed in The Dixon Drama Studio on 30th May 2017.



Artistic Director
Alexandra Mather

Musical Director
Ellie Newman

Jan Li Tan


Sir Joseph Porter KCB - David Charter
Captain Corcoran - Alex Davison
Ralph Rackstraw - Emma Whitworth
Dick Deadeye - Alasdair Stroud
Boatswain - Libby Phippard
The Carpenter - Callam Neville
Josephine - Annabel Gipp
Cousin Hebe - Estée Tanel
Buttercup - Claire Smith

Sister & Aunt
Jenny Jones
Eleanor Dunsdon

Emily Blackman-Gibson
Charlotte Gower
Miriam Gibson
Samuel Blackman-Gibson
Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen
Dan Wade

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