48 Hour Gondoliers 2006

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48hr Gondoliers (produced jointly with MUGSS)

Lois Cross

Musical Director
Matthew Collins

Assistant Musical Director and Pianist
Robbie Berryman

The Duke of Plaza-Toro - J Mark Pim
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro - Fiona Constantine
Casilda - Clare Greener
Luiz - Matt Ferguson
Don Alhambra del Bolero - Jordan Hulme
Inez - Helen Bourne

Marco Palmieri - Chris Charlton
Giuseppe Palmieri - Michael Hall
Antonio - James Knowles
Francesco - Stuart Roberts
Giorgio - Bill Ruddock
Annibale - Stuart Roberts
Chorus - Chris Lockwood

Gianetta - Lauren Mathews
Tessa - Nickey Berkley
Fiametta - Clare Greener
Vittoria - Christine Lees
Giulia - Helen Bourne
Chorus - Lois Cross, Daisy Davies, Helen Roberts, Jenni Shields

The 48hr Gondoliers took place early in the summer term of 2006. It was a response to an idea to co-operate with MUGSS, although in the end only 4 of their members were able to be in the show, although some others came to the concert. The weekend was held in York in the United Reformed Church on Priory Street, with the cast sleeping over downstairs and the concert performance on the Sunday evening taking place upstairs. There was minimal choreography (no dancing!) and scores and libretti were used.

However, this didn't stop some of the men deciding to add in some lighter-waving during Chris Charlton's (this time straight) rendition of Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes! Other memorable moments included some fantastic acting, especially between Duke Mark and Duchess Fiona, although that was nothing compared to that between Casilda (Clare) and Luiz (Matt)! Also, how on earth did we manage not to get thrown out of the restaurant where we started singing One G&S Song to the Tune of Another rather loudly?! Much fun and not a lot of sleep was had by all, and hilarity ensued…

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